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This is not your average volunteer position! We offer professional medical services delivered by a mainly volunteer staff. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet people from all over the world and provide crucial care to underserved neighbors who face many barriers to receiving quality, affordable healthcare.

Offering compassion and empathy is a rewarding experience and is expected here at Hope Clinic. You will meet other volunteers with similar goals and passions while enjoying a positive, friendly environment. We have high expectations for our volunteers and request everyone keep patients at the center of everything we do. Be prepared to arrive for every shift you commit to on time and ready to serve! Volunteers who come in at least once a month do the best job and keep skills sharp. If you are a licensed medical professional who cannot commit to once a month, please contact us to see if we can find a schedule that works for you.

The types of credentialed volunteers needed include: 

  • Provider: MD, DO, PA, NP

  • Nurse: RN, LVN

  • Pharmacist

  • Medical Assistant

  • Pharm Tech

  • Social Worker

  • Dietitian

  • Physical Therapist

  • Specialist

  • Dentist

Non-clinical volunteers and college students who are at least 18 years old can help with important administrative roles such as:

  • Registration/Intake

  • Triage Assistant

  • Checkout/Patient Advocate

Are you skilled at something like IT, marketing, social media or design? We would love to speak with you about projects that come up from time to time. 


Go to Contact Us and send a message letting us know you are interested in volunteering. We can't wait to meet you! 

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